The Circlestone Injustice Episode 13: Anything you can do, Luskan do better!

“...believe none of what you hear and half of what you see ..." - Leon Haywood

22 Elient, Luskan

A tired and weary group finally arrives at the South Gates of Luskan. There they join a queue of other travellers, traders, tinkers, farmers, sailors and merchants, either arriving at or returning to The City of Sails.

Plussa Xange seems uncomfortable at the heightened security on the gate and after a while, she disappears into the nearby foliage "for a private moment"; she never comes back. However, just as the group arrives at the security check-point, a figure dressed in almost identical garb does join the very back of the line.

The guards on the gate, members of the Luskan "Shore Patrol" that serves as the cities watch-force, explain that there has been some trouble with political activists; not everyone in Luskan is happy with the way the Ships run the place.

Once through the gates, Maena accepts the responsibility for finding lodgings in One Eyed Jax, the only real hostelry in Luskan, she takes Rudyard, Toofas and Formyka the Bugbear, with her. On hearing the name of the establishment, Remy declares that he will find Jax's missing eye and the 'Stoners endure a brief moment of geocaching in the grounds of the Palace. Then, Remy notices the "could-it-be-Plussa" figure entering, and intrigued as to why she left the party, decides to follow her, with J'Wi and Connor in tow. Jonathon and Anahita plan to head off to find the Backwoods Store, to keep Jonathon's appointment with Hariban, the agent of the Emerald Enclave, but agree to trail Remy and the others first, just in case they get into any trouble.

Remy and J'Wi, watched by Connor, Anahita and Jonathon, follow the cloaked figure to a nondescript house in the slum area. There they manage to hear a conversation between two unseen occupants of the house about the fact that "he" was not persuaded to join the cause, that the group of adventurers who were at House Stanipavel did not seem to be aware of anything regarding the Luskan political situation and that there was work to be done contacting agents in the city.

The hooded figure reappeared and the Remy, Connor and J'Wi followed them into the city, while Jonathan and Anahita went to the Backwoods store.

At the store, they met Harridan, a half-orc male, who turned out to be a nice guy with a real passion for nature and the environment. After a chat, which led to the realisation that Harridan had fought alongside Roger, Anahita's brother, both of the Rangers agreed to become agents for the Enclave and they were given a special seal for validating any written correspondence they might send to Harridan. The Backwoods, it turns out, acts as a postal address and clearinghouse for Enclave business this far North.

Maena arrived at One Eyed Jax, met Miss B, the physically formidable, but ultimately friendly, proprietor, and arranged for lodgings for the group. Rudyard took private lodgings on the "exclusive" top floor and he and Toofas left to begin his business. Maena began her meditation.

After a brief run-in with a less than savoury owner of a pawn shop, The Three Balls, Anahita and Jonathon manage to sell some items, notably the mirrors from House Stanipavel, at another shop, B&S. They then head for Jax, hooking up with the other three, who are still following "Plussa". Eventually, they follow her into Jax and watch as she takes a seat in the corner of the public bar, and begins talking to a young male human.

Remy decides to approach and ask her where she went, but when he gets to the table it is not Plussa he finds under the hood, but a young, red-haired and bearded man who he has never met before. Remy is convinced that this individual is wearing Plussa's cloak, but he can't deny what his eyes are telling him, this is not Plussa. He leaves a little bemused.

Connor flirts with Miss B.

Finally, everyone goes to their rooms and sleeps a good long sleep. The party then reconvenes, altogether, in the public bar, for dinner and a chance to catch up.

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