The Circlestone Injustice, Delve Edition, Anahita's trip to Port Llast

While her fellow 'Stoners complete the town business in Neverwinter, Anahita travels north to Port Llast.

​Following a lead​ from her grandmother​, Anahita heads to Port Llast​, just north of Neverwinter,​ to try and find a man there, Ishmael Mobi. Ishmael was friends with Arturo Kuri, the name used by the man who her grandmother says it's the source of Anahita's genie blood.

At the time Mobi would have been in his mid-twenties, but that was 50 years ago.

Anahita is really just hoping to find Mobi and see if he can tell her anything more about her ... Well, she's not even sure if the word grandfather is applicable!

So she has traveled ahead of her colleagues in order to spend a couple of days searching for Ishmael Mobi. She takes a room at The Guided Lily and engages the services of a private detective one Mikael Warhammer, a dwarf with a reputation for getting the job done: he doesn't disappoint. On the evening of 12 Elient​,​ Warhammer meets with Anahita in the public lounge of the Lily and tells her he has located Ishmael Mobi.

Mobi is living an almost hermitic life in the northern mining town of Fireshear.

Unfortunately for Anahita, Fireshear is probably a good seven days travel west of Luskan, in the opposite direction to that which the party needs to go to get home to Circlestone.

All she can do is wait for her comrades and tell them as little, or as much of this new information as she feels comfortable with, then see what happens. She knows they should head home and deliver news of their success in securing the load, but she is intrigued by what Mobi might be able to tell her.

Her friends will arrive at Port Llast on the evening of the 13th. On the 14th they ​plan to leave​​ together, heading for Luskan​ and eventually on to Circlestone.​

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