Thank you, you!

Thought it was time to say thanks to some folks.

First off, thank you to all the GMs and their groups who have taken on the role of play-testing Flintlock. Having games to run is tough enough when it's something you and your group are familiar with, play-testing is a whole other level of prep for everyone, especially for the GM.

A few people have been going above and beyond the call of duty, and deserve a specific mention at this point.

Game on! Barnstorming

Damon Barnhurst burst out of Shenzhen to introduce me to a treasure trove of hidden gaming just north of our arbitrary border with our mainland masters (politics here in southern China is complex, maybe there's a game hidden in there someone). Clearly Shenzhen has a healthy game-community.

Kenneth, what's the frequency?

So, thanks to Kenneth Walker for the daily digest, it is really impacting on the game in positive ways. If you visit the Flintlock FAQs you will find a page that basically exists because of Kenneth's thoroughness. Keep it up, brother!

Grand Gagnon!

Chris Gagnon has taken the plunge with his group and has this to report:

"So I ran a short campaign of 5 players + me and this is the feedback from that campaign. I kept it simple to start off. This is a quick overview of the campaign itself first. The players where to meet in a tavern prior to receiving a letter about a ''big score'' the employer then goes on to hire them to rob 3 caravans in a single night ( this is a very quick overview considering the campaign ran 6 hours lol). So the setting ran very well. Everyone loved the anti-hero concept. My players seemed to jump right into it."

It is hard to explain how exciting that really is to hear. And it isn't all roses and chocolates from Chris, he also offers insight into the game which lead to improvements, but we really wanted to share his stuff about the anti-hero mechanic/vibe. So, here's some more!

"Funny you should ask about the anti heroics. It seems to be shaping the game as we go. [One player] decided to cause a distraction to stop the cart he was robbing by lying in the middle of the road naked on his gun (for ambush). And to top that what I meant by shaping the game. After robbing the carts the players were "supposed" to bring the loot back the the highwaymen who hired them but as a group they decided to keep the loot for themselves."

Sounds like fun, I wanna get over to Chris' game-table!

In other news

The writers are gearing up and I am delighted to say we shall be having an original narrative running through the book, giving it a real sense of flow and purpose. I am also delighted to report that it will come from the formidable writing team of Carroll/Saro. As well as the narrative we are planning on developing the following settings:

1. East End London. - Carroll

2. Life aboard a pirate ship on the Indian Ocean and the Havens thereof. - Joyce Chng

3. Colonial Easter Seaboard America. - Carroll/Saro

4. The village of Nevinson, the Estate of Lady Sarah and Master Robert and the surrounding countryside (highway robbery, for the use of). - Parry

Those are settings gleaned from the comics, and should give GMs and players a nice starting point as well as acting as templates for further location/setting development. If anyone out there wants to try developing some other stages for the Flintlock dramas to play out on, get in touch and let's talk!

Video Killed the RPG Star

Finally, we are excited that the group behind Dice, Nerds and Nagas are considering a live play test of Flintlock, more details to follow should there be any.


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