What is Flintlock?

It's a fair question. He's a very quick answer.

The comic stories follow the adventures of some fairly remarkable, and refreshingly believable, people in the 18th Century. Importantly the characters are not your regular 25-30 year old, white, heterosexual males. Steve, the writer, is very serious about shaking up the UK comic world and Flintlock has been a project he's been planning for years. In the first two books we meet Lady Sarah, an intelligent young woman from a landed family. Sick of being treated like a child, or worse, a burden to be married off, she embarks on a career of highway robbery. Next is Shanti, the pirate Queen. An Indian Princess who escaped her secluded life to become a feared Captain, she is already becoming a hit with readers in the UK who rarely, if ever, see a lead comic character from the Indian subcontinent, never mind a female one. The closest thing to a male lead is the Clockwork Cavalier, a kind of windup Robo Cop with style. Future protagonists will include queer & transgender characters in stories that portray them as strong and independent, as people who shape their own lives and futures. If you are interested visit www.timebombcomics.co.uk or visit their current KS https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1815843378/flintlock-book-three 


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