The Flintlock RPG Blog: In the beginning ...

This is the first entry in what will be the blog which charts the development of the new Flintlock RPG. The RPG is inspired by, and based on, the comic series of the same name. This is how it all started!

The original Flintlock comic from Timebomb Comics

My name is Dom, and I run Nine Dragons RPG Ltd. 9DRPG is Hong Kong's premier RPG design company and RPG publisher. That's ,mainly because we are Hong Kong's only role-playing game design company and RPG publisher!

Our flagship product is Honour, an RPG set in the near future of Hong Kong and Asia in which players fight to keep balance in the universe, and to do cool stuff with swords and guns.

I love RPGs, music, my family, my friends and comics.

Now, I had considered creating an RPG about my family and friends, but it seem kinda niche, an RPG about music is too abstract right now. An RPG inspired by a comic though, that seemed like a pretty good idea.

When I found myself alone and with time on my hands at MCM Comic Con in Manchester, England,

it seemed like a great opportunity to make a start on the comic RPG idea. I wandered up and down the Comics Village section of the show and allowed the art to wash over me, waiting for something remarkable to grab me. Several things did and I spoke to the creators of a few genuinely interesting comics, but the spark was not there. I knew I needed something that would excite me and get my creativity going, but i also knew that I needed that something to come from someone who I could feel comfortable with, get to know and, basically, like. Then I saw issue one of Flintlock, I saw Lady Jane Flintlock's eyes staring out at me over her highwayman's mask, I saw her beautiful pistols, I saw Shanti the pirate princess holding her mappila sword and I was hooked. Thankfully when I spoke to the man behind the book, Steve Tanner, he was exactly the sort of guy I knew I would get on with. Steve is a gentle, calm, thoughtful, kind and clever man; almost the opposite of myself (I too am kind, or try to be, and I have moments of not being completely stupid). I explained to Steve what I was hoping to do, create a new RPG based on a unique comic, and that I thought Flintlock might be that comic, and he got it, right there and then, he got it. Fifteen minutes later we had agreed that this was going to happen.

That was summer 2016. The licensing agreement was finally signed by both parties in October 2017, more than a year on from that initial meeting.

And here we are. 9DRPG is almost finished work on the 2nd edition of Honour: The Awakening and we will be shifting a significant amount of our focus to Flintlock. This blog will let you come with us on that journey.

And that's it for this entry. Just a quick "get you up to speed" post really. See you again in a fortnight!

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