Are you wanting to add some swash to your buckle? Feel like you could do with a walk on the wild side? Ever wanted to just subvert every expectation society places on you ... Then we have good news for you!

Coming soon from Nine Dragons RPG Ltd is The Flintlock Role-Playing Game.

Based on the acclaimed Flintlock series of comics from Steve Tanner & Timebomb Comics come an analogue role-playing game with a twist, in fact with as many twists as there are players. With access to existing art from the series, and the artists themselves you are guaranteed a gorgeous book full of real comic art and exclusive new creations.

In The Flintlock RPG players will take on the roles of 18th Century adventurers, but these will not be your usual crop of heroes. Rather than play upright citizens defending good from evil, players will create characters who are highwaymen, pirates, thieves, con artists and other ne'er-do-wells. Characters in The Flintlock RPG are true anti-heroes, with the first ever RPG system designed specifically for the malefactors, scoundrels and sinners you've always wanted to play.

To add further spice to the dice, players are encouraged to join in the spirit of the comics and look to subvert traditional roles by playing with the age, gender and ethnicity of their character's.

In the end you have a fresh and exciting RPG which allows players to experience a century that includes the Restoration, the French and American Revolutions and the Enlightenment.

So, why be a hero charging blindly into harm's way when you can be an enlightened antihero subverting society and getting rich doing it?

The Flintlock RPG Pre-order

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    Expected date of publication March 2019

Coming Soon!


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