Honour: The Awakening is the 2nd Edition of our flagship RPG, Honour.


Honour: The Awakening takes everything about Honour that made it our most successful game and makes it all even better.


The character development system gives players a detailed background that will influence their PC's whole life.  The conflict system brings tactics to each decision a combatant makes, and allows conflict through physical, mental, sorcerous and coolness aspects!  Why get all mussed up in a scrap when you can simply outdress and outdance your opponent!


The sorcery system in Honour is the most flexible we've ever seen, allowing players and GMs to construct sorceries as and when they need them, but also with learned sorceries and Clan libraries of ancient spells avaialble.


Factions vie for power and the players will find themselves working for, or being piulled between these factions while demons and the Charmed Ones manipulate and protect humanity as their disposition dictates.


Think John Woo meets Joss Whedon and you are getting clse to Honour: The Awakening! 

Honour: The Awakening Pre-order

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    Expected date of publication May 2018

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