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Dom Parry of Nine Dragons RPG


New Tabletop Game “Honour” Features Swords, Sorcery, and Science Fiction in Alternate Reality Hong Kong

HONG KONG, CHINA, January 11th, 2016 – Nine Dragons RPG Ltd. is proud to announce its new upcoming
roleplaying game. Launching with Honour , the first of three primary volumes, this game combines fantasy, science fiction, Asian lore, and interdimensional exploration to give its players an avenue for fantastic
storytelling in a unique setting that breaks from the generic RPG mold of Dwarves, Elves, and Dragons.

The Spaces Between is set in an alternate version of Earth, Pangu , in which humanity is but one of many civilized races. Though largely driven away by human proliferation, the Inhumans have found refuge in the city of Heung Gong – hiding within Earth’s premiere melting pot society (unbeknownst to most humans).

Review copy available on request, please state assocaiated publication, site or cast.

However, there are many more secrets to Heung Gong than just the identities of its residents.Hidden amidst the metropolitan bustle of this strange city are access points into The Spaces Between,interdimensional pockets bounded by countless alternate worlds – among which may our own version of Earthmay lie. This phenomenon not only allows for the arrival of Heung Gong’s inhuman populace, but for thosehumans with keen enough senses, The Spaces Between grants sorcerous abilities.

In the end, it is up for the players to decide where their adventures take them. Whether discovering that a
local triad gang is actually comprised of fearsome Yaoguai shape-shifters, breaking into a military compound
to overthrow a would-be dictator, or simply exploring the fascinatingly dangerous Spaces Between, players
need not look far to find an adventure.

Nine Dragons RPGs, Ltd. is an independent developer of tabletop roleplaying games based out of Hong Kong,
China. Through a deep passion for storytelling and collaborative gaming, they created Honour as a way to
effectively facilitate both. Utilizing a simple and effective Honour Task Resolution System the game enables
players to experience what its designers refer to as when “a multimillion dollar super-hero blockbuster meets
Tolkien and a John Woo movie”.