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The Circle of NineDra9ons club is Nine Dragons RPG's community portal.


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The Flintlock Role-Playing Game FAQs.


Members will get treats, early releases, secrets, the opportunity to become part of the Nine Dragons team and what ever else we can think of!  Read below for more details and then complete the membership application at the bottom of the page.


Of course if you are a member already, just click on the Member's Circle link in the navigation menu, enter the password and see what's new this month.

Regional Contacts

If you are looking for a game then CONTACT US HERE and we will connect you with a most Honourable Regional Contact!  If you are willing to be a contact, let us know!  Cheers!

Contact                                    Region
Guy L                                        Bundang, South Korea
Chris C                                      Dorchester, England
Che W                                        Nottingham, England
Dom P                                        Hong Kong, Hong Kong
John E                                        Fort Worth, Texas,  USA

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