Updates for Honour: The Awakening's Second Edition


Big news for Honour! The game has continued to expand, to the point that we have decided to split it into two books. Nothing surprising in our decision to follow the time honoured and tested route of a book for players and a book for GMs.  These will be Honour: The Awakening, Players Manual and Honour: The Awakening, Storytellers Guide.


We are working very hard here at Nine Dragons to get the 2nd Edition finished in time for September.  We are delighted to say we have role-playing and game design experts Ian Price, Todd Crapper, Stephen Mattson and Kenneth Walker on board designing Inhuman species and creating sorcerous items for inclusion in the finished game.  Also on board in advisory roles, Daniel Kwan and Alex DeFault and as always, our own Mr. Fists, Guy Larke and Nine Dragons artistic stalwart, Mike Dukes.  Table-top role-playing should look a whole lot better once we get Honour: The Awakening out!


Another exciting addition to the new edition is that of the Storyteller's advice section.  This really is a coup, with advice from such luminaries of the RPG world as the aforementioned Ian Price and Jacob Wood of Accessible Games.


The store is open again, mainly to take pre-orders for  Honour: The Awakening, Honour 2nd Edition and The Flintlock Role-Playing Game.


Both these games are going to be fantastic and we expect Honour: The Awakening to be available in September this year and The Flintlock Role-Playing Game is slated for a March 2019 release but is progressing so well we might even get it out before that!


Honour: The Awakening RPG is a table-top role-playing game. It is played with pencils, paper and your imagination! Think Supernatural meets John Woo, with Chow Yun Fat and Scarlett Johansson leading the fight against evil.


Flintlock takes you to the 18th Century of rural England, where you can become a Highwaywoman, a burglar hitting stately homes or a smuggler dodging the Customs and Excise enforcers.  If that isn't your cup of tea maybe the Indian Ocean on board a pirate ship, raiding the slavers of the East India company and hiding out in Madagascan havens suits you more?  Then there are the gritty streets of East End London, crawling with opportunity for criminal and law-enforcer alike, be they real or clockwork people.  Finally, if the old world has nothing to offer, jump a ship to the New World and test your mettle in the colonial towns of Charlestown, Jamestown, Philadelphia or New York. 




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